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What exactly does a website designer do?

Website designers are visual architects who take care of the website’s look and feel. You consult a website designer or a web design agency if you want to change your colors, icons, fonts, buttons and layout. Some designers can code, too, but that is not required in their field.

What skills do you need?

Do you want to be a successful website designer someday? Then, you need stronger understanding on the hierarchy, layout, typography, color theory and web font. UI and UX design foundations are also crucial for better outputs. These can help you build a seamless design that works well with people.

Who is a web designer’s boss?

Freelance website designers usually report to clients.

Are there other titles with similar responsibilities?

Several companies don’t have designated website designer positions, though they expect designers to have a website background, from UI and UX designers to product, graphic and front-end designers.

What do you need to do to stay ahead in this position?

Just like any in any other job, you need to work hard in order to set yourself apart from the others. You need to continuously research about the latest trends and news to stay relevant.