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Best Action Mangas To Read In 2022

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Action Manga is by far the most popular manga style in Japan and around the world. It’s thrilling. It’s alive. And it’s almost always ideal for a Netflix series or movie, which leads to increased sales. But it takes something truly exceptional to make our list of the best action manga. So, what factors contribute to great action manga? It’s all about the conflict, the motivation to get stuff done. No matter where you are reading, it has art that draws you in and characters that you root for. You can also click here to read one piece latest manga chapter online malaysia.

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Here are some of the best action mangas to read:

  1. Deadpool: Samurai
  • The English translation was released this month after being published in Japanese last year, though some markets, such as *ahem* Australia, will have to wait a few weeks longer. It’s Marvel’s first collaboration with Shonen Jump, with the Japanese edition becoming the best-selling Marvel comic in 2021. And, seriously, if you’re looking for the best action manga, Deadpool is a must-read. Tony Stark wants to open an Avengers branch in Tokyo and invites Deadpool to run it. None of this is a good idea, but it results in a hilarious action-packed manga featuring one of the best characters in any market. Of course, having All Might from My Hero Academia on your side helps.


  1. Tokyo Revengers
  • There’s Gang Warfare, time travel, juvie delinquents, teen romance, and plenty of yakuza-style fisticuffs. Takemichi learns that his middle school girlfriend was murdered by the Tokyo Maji Gang. A life-or-death experience sends him back in time 12 years, giving him the chance to save the girl, change his life, and possibly make a difference in the gang warfare. Although it was recently adapted into an anime series, I prefer the original manga and the very human artwork. The gang-related violence can feel a little too real at times, possibly due to Wakui’s own experience with the gang subculture.

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  1. Candy Flurry
  • The candy made by Cyndy ToyToy is the best in the world! Each piece of candy contains special powers that allow the person who eats it to conjure up the same sweet treat. Okay, that sounds harmless enough. Until our OP MC Tsumugi wields a massive rainbow swirl lollipop like a demon-infused sledgehammer. Naturally, there were ramifications, such as the destruction of Tokyo by someone wielding a massive lollipop. But wait, each candy is supposed to provide a distinct set of abilities. Tsumugi must conceal her identity until she locates the other lollipop wielder. Until then, the battlefield is littered with giant doughnuts, flying forks, and a soft powder of sugar. This manga is a lot more enjoyable than I expected, with plenty of action packed pages.

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  1. Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead
  • There’s nothing like a spectacular disaster to inspire your bucket list. As a character, Akira is completely relatable. Akira’s life has lost its lustre after years of slaving away for a soul-crushing corporation. When a zombie apocalypse ravages his town, however, it provides him with the impetus he requires to live for himself. Akira is now on a mission to cross off all 100 items on his bucket list before he dies. Zom 100 should be on your list of Manga to read. The action scenes are intense enough to jolt you out of your seat and back into reality.

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