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Choosing The Right Fitting: The Right Options

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Used in many fields, often invisible and yet necessary, industrial fittings are essential connecting elements for the assembly of the various pipes found in industry but also in many products of our daily life.

Considering the large number of existing types of Ductile Iron Saddles Malaysia and the different functions they offer, choosing the optimal product is an important and often difficult step.

How To Choose a Fitting?

Ductile Iron Saddles Malaysia

To choose the most suitable fitting for your use, you must consider the type of connection, the environment, the nature of the fluid and its characteristics, and the materials compatible with your application.

  • Connection Type: quick connection or not, permanent or removable connection. You must check accessibility, both for assembly and for maintenance of the installation and determine the shape of the fitting, for example straight, T or elbow.
  • Environment: you must take into account the ambient temperature and in particular large-scale changes in temperature, the risk of freezing or exposure to UV rays, rain or ambient humidity, the risks of splashing water or mud, the level of protection required if the fitting is used in a hazardous area, the risk of shocks, vibrations, etc.
  • Type of Fluid: you must choose a fitting suitable for the fluid (compressed air, air, water, oil, etc.), its temperature, its pressure and the required flow rate (which depends on the nominal diameter [DN] of the pipe) .

If necessary, you must check that the connection complies with the standards to which your installation may be subject.

Material: the material of the fitting (stainless steel, brass, plastic, etc.) and that of the sealing system (nitrile [NBR], fluorinated rubber [FKM], ethylene rubber [EPDM], etc.) must be adapted to that hoses to connect and to your application.

What Are The Main Types of Fittings?

There are different types of fittings suitable for different applications. You will find in particular:

Some quick couplings or push-in fittings: quick couplers may employ different techniques.

Ductile Iron Saddles Malaysia

Washer Hooked Fittings: used with polymer tubes, they snap into place with a simple push and disconnect by pressing a push button. The tube can be mounted on a splined entry and it can be screwed or even welded. These fittings are generally very compact.

Clip-on Couplings: these couplings are very robust and are used in aggressive environments and for circuits with high pressure. Rather, they are used for grooved metal tubes.

Reverse Clamping Couplings: they offer double sealing and secure disconnection. They are rather used for very high pressures.

Of Threaded Connections: designed to be removable, usually using a key. It is preferable to check that the space around the fitting remains sufficient to be able to dismantle it if necessary.

The symmetrical Guillemin couplings (also called fire department connections): These connectors are widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, food industry, transport and agriculture. They come in the form of two half-fittings which are locked together by rotation. These fittings can be mounted on the pipes in various ways, for example ring socket fitting, male thread or female thread fitting, weld fitting. This type of fitting is considered a screw fitting; it requires a specific tool for assembly and disassembly. These fittings are available in aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, or polypropylene.

The solder fittings and press fittings: they are permanent connections, used in particular for hydraulic systems.



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