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eCommerce Trends to Watch Out for In 2020

eCommerce Trends to Watch Out for In 2020

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Content repurposing

In the digital landscape, content will always be king. The demand for quality content has never
been this high. The emergence of this ecommerce trend means that you need to produce more content for your ecommerce website. Sure, you can come up with new posts with new subjects. However, you must never overlook the benefits of repurposing old content. Repurpose your content from last year. Repurposing doesn’t mean copying, though. Just use it as a framework, and re-do it in a different format.

Voice recognition systems and smart home assistants

Voice recognition systems and smart home assistants will continue to emerge this 2020 and beyond. If you want your online business in Malaysia to thrive in the long run, you must explore this promising trend. Try your best to give your customers voice-savvy experiences.

Re-commerce or the second-hand market

The online market for second-hand or used products is getting bigger and bigger. A huge number of factors play into this trend, including the following:

  • Stay ahead of the different trends in different industries, most especially in the fashion
  • Focusing on the sustainability
  • The ability to acquire sought-after items for lesser money

As we progress towards 2020, it becomes clear that the industry for used items is still very much
well and alive. If you are selling goods that can be resold and returned without losing quality,
there is a big chance that you will flourish through this trend.

The expansion of different fulfillment options

Many people abandon their shopping carts because of fulfillment issues, from lack of delivery options and lengthy shipping times to expensive shipping costs. It’s impossible to please every customer when it comes to this aspect, but you must work hard to make sure the checkout process is smooth and easy.

The fast-fashion mindset

The fast-fashion ecommerce field is rapidly growing. There are tons of ecommerce platforms out there selling wonderful clothes, but you need to set yourself apart by focusing on sustainability, social sales and influencer endorsements. Contemplate on how you can lessen resource consumption and waste without sacrificing your product’s quality. The main idea here is to create more while using less.


Courtney Watts

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