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What Would Life Be If There Is No Internet?

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Life without Internet in 2022; could this be possible in our world?

The internet has become a part of our lives. Even when we wake up in the morning, most people would reach for their smartphones out of anything else. That is how important these two things are; a smartphone and an internet connection. 63% of the human population uses the internet, which is equivalent to 5 billion people. In Malaysia, 89.6% of the population uses the internet every single day. If you are one of them, might be interested in getting 300mbps Unifi, as per our topic today. 


Anyway, can you imagine a life without the internet? Have you ever had this question in your mind? There are many consequences if there is no internet. One of them is that access to information would be limited. Google Chrome is the most popular search engine used in the world, where people would utilise it to get information and other important matter. If there is no internet, there might be no Google and we might still have to read thick books just to acquire information. What a hassle. 


Another significant effect if there is no internet is it would be difficult for us to communicate. Most businesses and companies would use e-mails as one of the ways to communicate with each other. Well, even if e-mail existed, it would be no use without an internet connection. It is obvious that the internet plays a very important role in our lives. We almost cannot live without the internet as there is much use for it and we would require to use the internet every day. 

Our World With No Internet: What Would Happen?

In our daily life, entertainment is a must. Streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube are very popular among us. Of course, they require the internet to be accessed. There is no point in having these services on your smartphones or computers if there is no internet. Luckily, both Netflix and YouTube have the offline download option so that you can watch anything you desire without having to access the internet. 


The internet is also one of the ways for us to get important news. Sometimes, we get the news even faster than the news on television. Even if there is television, nothing can beat the power of social media. Social media too is one of the best ways you can acquire current news and trends. Without social media and the internet, nothing would work as these two are very linked to each other. 

Technological frustrations may be the bane of a peaceful modern life,  suggests research | Daily Sabah

Online shopping platforms! Without the internet, none of the platforms is reachable. It would be difficult for us to get anything we want. The main reason why many people are using online shopping platforms is to avoid getting out of the house just to buy a few items. Other than that, online shopping platforms offer more options than physical stores. Can you imagine getting one item that you have been wanting for but there is no internet, so you have to wait in a very long queue like in the olden days? Fuh, that is such a nightmare. 


There is no doubt that the internet is more than important in our lives. As mentioned before, it has become a part of our lives and it is almost impossible to live without it.


Courtney Watts

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